Nanohana( a rape field)

    1. 二宮ー富士V-2 26-3-25I visited Mt.Azuma ,a small hill in Ninomiya with my wife a few days  ago. Nanohana was perfect. Mt Fuji was also beautiful although it became hazy with time.  Cherry blossoms will start to bloom in a week on the top of this hill.駿河湾V-2 26-3-25

“Ganmangafuchi” at Nikko


I have visited the “Ganmangafuchi” at Nikko on March 7 with my firends. As people say, there are some beautiful and splashing waterfalls covered by lots of snow with about twenty Jizos that were said to have been made and kept by disciples of a famosu Buddhist priest, “Tenkai” in 1650( Edo era).I have learned this from an English friend recently.


I encountered this raccoon in th Meiji Shrine which is a wild one. I was very impressed. It stayed in the bush for over half an hour, watching us.明治神宮の御苑の野生狸25-4-4