Sumo Morning Practice


What is Sumo ?
Sumo is traditional Japanese wrestling, established as the national sport.  In ancient times, it was practiced as agricultural and Shinto(Japanese original religion) rituals, so it still includes many ceremonial elements.  In a sumo match, two wrestlers wearing only a sumo wrestler’s loincloth enter the ring, and they fight until either one leaves the ring or touches the ground with any part of his body other than the bottom of his feet.

Morning Practice
The Japan Sumo Association holds 6 professional sumo tournaments per year, and 3 of them are held in Tokyo in Jan., May and Sept..  You certainly watch the sumo wrestlers’ morning practice before  or during those Tokyo tournaments.  Usually the practice starts around 6 and lasts until around 10 o’clock. Higher ranked wrestlers often practice around 8 o’clock. Not all but some stables accept visitors.  Each stable has each different schedule. Let’s enjoy sumo wrestlers’ powerful practices just in front of you! Please contact me.

Manners required during morning practice;
1. Please keep silent.
2. Please don’t take photo with a flare of flashlight or a shutter sound.  Some stables even prohibit visitors from taking photo.  Please follow the stable’s direction.
3. Please refrain from eating, drinking and smoking.
4. Please shut off your cellular phone.