Kimono Wearing


What is Kimono?
Kimono is traditional Japanese outer garment.  While Western clothes are always worn for daily activities, people wear kimono on special occasions such as ceremonies and parties.  There are several kinds of ceremonial kimono.  The prime ceremonial Kimono for unmarried women is the gorgeous long-sleeved kimono called “furisode” and for married is the black fixed-sleeve kimono with five family crests.  Meanwhile men wear the Japanese half-coat and pleated loose-fitting trousers called “hakama”.

It is a standard to fasten a sash over kimono, to wear Japanese socks called “tabi”, and to Japanese sandals called “zori” when going out.

Spot 1;Studio Alice
A wide variety of kimono for men, women and children are prepared.  The staff put kimono on you with hairdo and takes a photo at the studio there.  Depending on a course you choose,  you can enjoy strolling Ginza streets in Kimono or dressed in Kabuki Actor with Kabuki make-up and so on.  Please contact me.


  • Location: Ginza
  • Open: 10:00 to 18:00
  •  Fee: 7,500 – 15,000 Yen for wearing kimono including photo etc..
    9,800 – 18.000 Yen for dressing in Kabuki actor with make-up etc.
    2,900 Yen if you want quick traditional dressing and photos.