Tour Courses of Experience & Sightseeing

Tour courses including  Experience & Sightseeing spots are shown here.  Each course takes 3 – 4 hours.  A guide will see you at your hotel.  Please enjoy yourself to the full with the friendly guide in the city of Tokyo.  Please contact me.

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COURSE 1;  Sumo Morning Practice & Asakusa Sensoji Temple

Fee:  11,000YEN/ a person,   9,000YEN each/2 persons,  7,000YEN each/3 persons

You enjoy sumo wrestlers’ powerful morning practice at one of sumo stables.  Your guide will arrange your visit to a stable in advance.

At Asakusa, you can experience Kimono wearing  and/or Rickshaw riding with extra charge.









Course 2; Tsukiji Fish Market & Kabuki at Kabuki Theater

Fee:  10,000YEN/ a person,   8,000YEN each/2 persons,  6,000YEN each/3 persons


You enjoy strolling Tsukiji Fish market, eating Sushi, finding your favorite cooking tools such as kitchen knife or others.  Your guide will give you special information about Tsukiji & Sushi Restaurants there.



Your guide will help you purchasing the Kabuki Ticket in advance or on the day.