Ceramics ( Art of Pottery )

self-made-potteryWhat is pottery?
Pottery is the ceramic art of making pottery wears including earthenware, stone ware, etc..

How to make pottery?
Using clay, you create your own object which includes sufficient moisture content.
After the object is shaped to desired form, it is fired in the kiln.  Mineral components of clay body will undergo chemical changes that will change the color of the clay.
A glaze is applied to decorate the object in several ways.  The object is “grazed fired” to make glaze materials melt to adhere to the object,  then complete.

Spot1; Studio “yu” in Ginza

tonogaya-syoufuku 012Located at the center of “Ginza”, the most famous shopping area in Japan, the studio provides you a chance to concentrate on creating your own pottery in a quiet atmosphere.
Special pottery clay is used to shape anything you want such as dolls, a tea bowl for tea ceremonies, teacups, a beer cup, chopsticks stands, and so forth. You can also get expert advice from a ceramics art specialist. Your work will be baked unglazed and then glazed with a glaze chosen by you. Approximately one month later  you can receive your completed work.  Please contact me.

  • Location: Ginza
  • Open: almost 10:00 – 20:00 (Schedule varies)
  • Fee: 3,241Yen. Reservations required. It takes about 2 hours.