Origami(Paper Folding)

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What is Origami?

Origami is traditional Japanese amusement, folding paper into animals, plants or instruments of daily life.

People often fold one thousand paper cranes to pray for special wishes such as their friend’s recovery from illness or winning the victory in competitive sports.

Today Origami is regarded as one of the Japanese artistic handcrafts and is studied by many mathematicians across the world for its geometry.

Origami Paper

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Square colored papers with side,  5,  7.5,  15,  20  or
35 cm with both sides colored,  gradation, transparent or patterns,  totally more then one thousand varieties are  available.

Of course, any size of Origami can be prepared with
scissors and paste for yourself.


Spot: Origami Center

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The origami center offers more than twenty Origami courses depending on your interest and skill level.  All paper crafts that you finish during the course (e.g. flowers, dolls, traditional ornaments) can be brought home with you. 

Place; Origami Center in Ochanomizu (15 minutes by train from Tokyo station).

Open; 9:30AM-6:00PM,Monday through Saturday(closed no Sunday and National Holidays).

Fee; Depending on the course, the time and fee varies from approximately 1,000 to 3,500 yen, and from 1 to 4 hours.  Reservation is required.

I’ll arrange for you with your request.
Please contact me.