DSC_0125What is Bonsai ?
Bonsai are miniaturized potted plants and trees for aesthetic appreciation and are an art form unique to Japan.

How to grow Bonsai ?
When the roots have grown too long, the plant is taken out of the pot, and roots are cut.  Branches are diligently pruned. Then it is replanted in the new soil.  Wires are sometimes used to wrap around the trunk and branches in order to shape them to the desired configuration.  To keep those up,  they are handed down across several generations.  A considerable amount of knowledge and labor is required to complete the ideal shape even for an expert.

Your guide will take you to  Bonsai spots and help you communicate with Bonsai creators or sales staffs.

Spot1; Happo-en for appreciation

  • Location: Shirogane
  • Entrance Fee:  free

 Bonsai are in the beautiful Japanese garden in the Hotel.


Spot2; Mitsukoshi department store for shopping

  • Location: Nihonbashi

The shop is located on the roof of the department store and open from 10:30 AM to 8:00 PM.