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Quiet Beautiful Places in Bunkyo ward, Central Tokyo

I visited “Sekiguchi Basyo An”, a hermitage where the Haiku poet “Basyo” lived in the early Edo period, working as a civil engineer for the water system.






Also “Shin Edogawa Park” once owned by a feudal load,Hosokawa from current Kumamoto prefecture. It is a stroll type garden with a pond.



It’s great fun to stroll around, especially looking back over the past and the people.

Shiran(Bletilla) by Wind



2014051413110001.jpgI visited Tokyo Higashi Gyoen in the middle of May.  This garden is famous for its remains of Edo Castle and nature.  How beautiful they are !!  At this garden you can enjoy various kinds of flowers through the year.  Why don’t you enjoy walking around ?


“Ganmangafuchi” at Nikko


I have visited the “Ganmangafuchi” at Nikko on March 7 with my firends. As people say, there are some beautiful and splashing waterfalls covered by lots of snow with about twenty Jizos that were said to have been made and kept by disciples of a famosu Buddhist priest, “Tenkai” in 1650( Edo era).I have learned this from an English friend recently.